Attend as a VC

If you are an emerging tech VC in Europe raising Fund I, II, or III, or with a total AUM <£200m (€225m), ALLOCATE Spring 2022 is the event for you. Submissions to present at the event have now closed, but we encourage you to register for a ticket and attend to network with our LP and GP community. 

This year, we are combining the power of the virtual and in-person formats to make ALLOCATE Spring a hybrid experience.

From the theatre at The May Fair Hotel in London you can take advantage of in-person networking and our post session drinks event, or enjoy ALLOCATE online.

Three LPs are interested in investing. This seems like really great ROI.

- A GP

Pitch selection process

Application window

Deadline for Submissions: 7 May - midnight UK

Jury selection period

5 May - 14 May

Presentation submission

Successful applicants will be able to submit a polished presentation for the event

ALLOCATE Spring 2022

2pm - 8.30pm 31 May

Judging criteria

Distinctiveness of proposition
Is this a fund that will stand out in the market vs. peers? Is this a fund that will stand out in the market vs. peers?
Is this a fund that will stand out in the market vs. peers? Is this a fund that will stand out in the market vs. peers?
GP(S) / Team credibility (Fit)
Do the GPs have credible experience and qualifications in their chosen area
Have the GPs been responsible for sourcing, selecting, or supporting investments before?
Have the GPs been active in their chosen area in any other ways?
Overall, how ‘strong’ is the team?
Fund structure & methodology
1/2 How ‘in-line’ are the fund terms?
Is the target fund size likely to be achievable?
Does the fund have a sensible deal sourcing / investment process?
How developed is the team?
Is there any infrastructure (fund administrator etc) in place?
Has the fund started raising / does it have any commitments?
Market insight
Has the fund demonstrated strong knowledge of its chosen areas?
Does the fund have a credible pipeline of opportunities?
Does the team have any relationships / partnerships / knowledge / roles that will give them an ‘edge’ in their market?
Will this make for an ‘interesting’ presentation?
How effectively (quality and clarity) do the team present their proposition?
Is this the type of fund that ALLOCATE is looking to support, and how much will the team benefit from the event?
Diversity of team
Overall rating
An ‘overall’ score taking all info into account - not necessarily an average