Limited Partners

If you are an institutional investor, family office, endowment, or accredited HNW individual who is actively investing and interested in emerging and early stage tech VC funds, this event is for you.

LP Access:
Before the event you’ll get access to the ALLOCATE website to be able to login and view the profiles of over 100 attending emerging and early stage venture capital funds. Only limited partners have access to the website. You get to decide who you want to contact and we do NOT share the LP attendee contact details with investment firms or GPs.

Fund Manager Presentations:
We expect there to be 5 sessions of 5 GPs with 5 minutes each to present their fund. If there is time, there will be a brief Q&A. You can review the presenting funds beforehand to make sure you’re ready to see the presentations, and we encourage you to reach out and make arrangements to connect at the event.

LP Dinner:
After the event there will be drinks. However, the evening before the event there is an optional LP only meal at an acclaimed London restaurant. This dinner is available to all limited partners on a first come first served basis; but spaces are limited.

Everyone will have access to the ALLOCATE GP/LP community. This will be a place where LPs and VCs together, in discrete channels, as well as privately, can communicate and share ideas after the end of the event, as they prefer.


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