Join as a Limited Partner

If you are an institutional investor, family office, endowment fund, or accredited HNW individual who is interested & actively investing in emerging and early stage European tech VC funds, then ALLOCATE® is the event for you

LP Access

ALLOCATE® 2020 will be a digital-first event, and you will be able to fully participate online.

Before the event you will get access to the ALLOCATE® investor portal and be able to login and view the profiles of over 100 attending emerging and early stage venture capital funds. You will be able to set your own investment criteria and will be connected only with GP matches: we will not share your contact details unless a GP matches your specified requirements or you hand-pick them yourself.

Fund Manager Presentations

There will be six sessions of 5 GP pitches of 5 minutes each - there will also be an opportunity to engage in Q&A with the funds.

You can review the presenting funds beforehand to make sure you’re ready to see the presentations, and we encourage you to reach out and make arrangements to connect at the event.

LP-only Networking & LP Dinner

During the virtual event there will be dedicated networking slots reserved for LPs only. Subject to COVID-19 restrictions for those who will be able to join us in London, there will be an optional LP-only meal at an acclaimed London restaurant prior to the event. This dinner is available to all LPs on a first-come first-served basis, as spaces are limited. You can reserve your seat when registering for your ticket.

We will also be arranging networking drinks after the event, again subject to COVID-19 restrictions


By joining ALLOCATE® you will gain more than just entry at our flagship event. You will also be joining an exclusive community of like-minded investors and entrepreneurial VC managers. If you are a believer in the potential of the European tech startup ecosystem, this is a network that you want to be part of.


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