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Our mission is to make it easier for LPs to find the right European tech VC funds to invest in and for GPs the right investors, by building a community of emerging managers and forward-thinking investors.

2021 Dates TBA

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A dragon is a company that returns an entire fund — a “fund maker.”
VC managers (GPs) can have dragons in their portfolios just as investors in VC funds (LPs) can have dragons in their portfolios. A dragon is 4x as rare as a unicorn.

Are you a dragon or looking for one?









Meet our Speakers

Hampus Jakobson

General Partner at Pale Blue Dot

GP at @ Pale Blue Dot VC. Explorer. Investor. Ex-founder

    Paul Bragiel

    Managing Partner at Braigel Brothers

    Paul is internet entrepreneur and currently a managing partner of Bragiel Brothers

      Isabel Fox

      Co-Managing Partner at Luminous Ventures

      Healthcare Investor: Luminous Ventures, OSI and Innovate UK

        Pratima Aiyagari

        Venture Partner at Nauta Capital

        Pratima Aiyagar is an Angel Investor as well as Venture Partner at Nauta Capital

          Graham Pingree

          Partner at Cendana Capital

          Graham is a Partner at Cendana Capital, a seed venture FoF investing globally.

            Carlos Espinal

            Managing Partner at SeedCamp

            Managing Partner at SeedCamp: Pre-Seed/Seed VC Fund

              Kathryn Mayne

              Director, Horsley Bridge International

              Managing Director with Horsley Bridge, funds of funds targeting early stage technology-focused VCs

              Harry Stebbings

              The Twenty Minute VC & Stride.VC

              Founding partner in Stride.VC and the founder of The Twenty Minute VC

              Which LPs Attend Allocate

              ALLOCATE ® is attended by forward-thinking investors who seek to back emerging managers in tech Venture Capital. They range from Family Offices and Wealth Managers to Fund of Funds Manager and Institutional LPs. Here are a only few examples of LPs who have attended, judged and spoken at ALLOCATE ® so far:

              Ertan Can

              Multiple Capital

              Founding Partner of Multiple Capital

              Matthew Le Merle

              Fifth Era & Keiretsu Capital

              Co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and Keiretsu Capital

              Philipp von dem Knesebeck

              Blue Future Partners

              Co-founder and Managing Partner

              Michael Laycock

              British Business Bank

              Senior Investment Manager

              Simon Cook

              Draper Esprit

              CEO and co-founder of Draper Esprit

              Lisa Edgar

              Top Tier Capital Partners

              Managing Director and member of the Investment Committee at Top Tier Capital Partners.

              What people say about us

              I love what ALLOCATE is doing. There is a clear need in the ecosystem to bring together LP's and GP's in a curated way.


              Landmark moment to have all the European VC funds with their own targeted GP/LP event


              Great format, having everyone do 5-10 min pitches, kept energy up.


              Judging by the large number of emerging funds present, I am convinced that you’ve hit a raw nerve on the market.


              Three LPs are interested in investing. This seems like a great ROI.


              Thank you very much to you and all the team... great diversity of teams, topics and strategies... an incredible quality of funds and GPs.


              Check out the 2020 Edition

              Check out last year's agenda:

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              If you’re a GP and would like to pitch during the conference to a room full of (your next potential) LPs, apply here.
              Spaces are limited and applications will be reviewed and selected by our committee.


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              Attend ALLOCATE

              ALLOCATE ® was created primarily to support the European tech venture ecosystem, not for profit. The event costs are kept reasonable with ticket prices affordable and fair. Because of this we believe GPs and LPs should pay the same price.

              We are run by a team of volunteers, many of whom are GPs and LPs themselves. Our mission is to make it easier for LPs to find the right European tech funds to invest in and for GPs the right investors, by building a community of forward thinking collaborators.

              If you are an LP investing in European VCs, or a carry Partner at an emerging European tech VC fund, you are in the right place.

              ALLOCATE ® 2020 was hosted online as a digital-first conference. The 2021 edition might be back as an in-person event, subject to COVID19 restrictions.

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