You are what you do

We believe by building trusted personal relationships everyone does better business.

Our values as a team - and as participants in the ALLOCATE community - reflect this. Shady operators should apply elsewhere.



In how we treat others in the ALLOCATE team and in how we do business. Be candid, be honest, be thoughtful, don't gossip


If we say we'll do something, we do it. As volunteers no-one has time to chase the other or to check something is done


To pay it forward might be an Americanism but we're here to help make others successful. If that's not your MO, this isn't a good place for you.


Working together with an open mind births innovation - it's the best way to get wheels turning.


We love supporting tech companies. We don't stand on formality; humour and professionalism are not mutually exclusive. And because our jobs are our lives we want to enjoy every step of the way


This is short because it's not complicated: ALLOCATE must strive to be inclusive, diverse in ethnicity and gender across our committee, our speakers and attendees - and of course we do not tolerate discrimination

It's the job of us all to ensure great diversity: it's right, it's good for society and it's good for business.

Code of conduct

This is a community design to build trusted personal connections. Therefore, everyone is expected to engage in accordance with our values and aims, thus behaving with: respect, consideration and decency.
Zero tolerance of any type of prejudice or abuse, or behaviour not in keeping with your values
Membership/attendance of ALLOCATE is at the sole discretion of the Directors of ALLOCATE Events Ltd.